Aubade – This Much and More

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It tiptoes into the heart quietly;
in the serenade of black where emotion takes center stage–
a moment of truth
alive and brimming, existing between two people,
how did we come to this?
You take the pain and turn it into something beautiful,
with your lips
remove all doubt and then press them to mine
until the sky bursts with light;
perhaps this is what it feels like to share your life,
perhaps this is what it feels like to belong.



Photo credits: Julius Kronberg Painting, Pinterest

Posted for Poetics: 9th Year Anniversary @ dVerse Poets Pub

28 Replies to “Aubade – This Much and More”

  1. A kiss can be a wonderful moment… I remember every first kiss in my life (they are not too many)

  2. A moment of truth, I also remember my first kiss ever. This is filled with passion and may the magic last for many more. Thanks for joining us.

  3. great last two lines in this.

    it is intersting this sense of belonging that we all need. I was thinking about it in relation to Lisa’s poem, though not until after I had commented. How that need to belong pulls at us.

    But, if it is love. Real love. What better sense of belonging? The joining of two hearts into one. Of being so close that you can not tell where one heart beat ends and another begins.

    I thought it interesting too how it came in as darkness only to be transformed into light. nice touch.

  4. First kiss bliss fully realized. Your closing lines link back to reality. “perhaps” is the operative word. Much later, as years tick by, and waist lines thicken, hair falls out and is frosted, and foreplay diminishes, there, that moment captures the truth, both sweet and terrible.

  5. A lovely aubade, Sanaa, and a beautiful memory of a first kiss. I especially love β€˜It tiptoes into the heart quietly’ and β€˜You take the pain and turn it into something beautiful, / with your lips’.

  6. I must be the only one not to have realised it was a ‘first kiss’. Where did the romantic in me go?
    This is a snapshot to be brought out for future reference perhaps.

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