As one having wandered in every stage of life

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splash of tangerine
single glow of a street lamp
where roses riotously bloom
and heat aligns with supple thighs.
Perfectly red
these lips gauge contours
of your devilishly handsome shape
taste fire and storm
as hour gives way to a soul binding kiss.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for “QuadrilleΒ #73” @ dVerse Pub

& on the Tuesday Platform @ Real ToadsΒ 

52 Replies to “As one having wandered in every stage of life”

  1. I liked the glow of /a splash of tangerine/. a wonderfully romantic piece, that has a touch of the classic to it. It is nice to stumble upon pristine romantic words, minus sarcasm, vitriol, or sadness.

  2. I enjoyed the vivid colours in this quadrille, Sanaa, especially the β€˜splash of tangerine / single glow of a street lamp’. You can;t go wrong with romance at midnight. πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, such a romantic mood and setting brought to light in this delicate manner, Sanaa!
    These images are so hot and sensuous: “where roses riotously bloom/and heat aligns with supple thighs.”
    I love how it is midnight and how the single street lamp draws those contours and also draws from them. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful taut passion in this Sanaa, very captivating! I really really like this. This kiss for me would start a bonfire! The artwork is strongly influenced by Patrick Nagel, stark, bold color, minimal style. I collected a number of Nagel’s originals in the 1980’s – when he was still living. His influence on this artist is obvious.

  5. While others comment on street lamps and roses, my mind was taken with the line “and heat aligns with supple thighs” which really is both passionate and suggestive” and must really one of the hottest line that you have written, Sanaa. The poem was a delight to read.

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