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Hours ticking slowly by;
Time passed in anticipation.
The heart performs a somersault;
Craving for some consolation.

Movement has but all encircled;
Our mind remains stiff and still.
Thus feeling leaves us all engrossed;
Survival being a reckless will.

Unable to remain focused;
Soon others shall come by to notice.
Unveiling of the magnum opus.



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60 Replies to “Anticipation”

  1. I fear my reckless/restless energy would get the best of me.
    I am not known for my patience. I feel a bit of that restlessness in your words.

    1. Hello Hannah,

      Thank you so much dear, so glad you liked it 😀
      Highly appreciate your warm & kind words 🙂

  2. A great work to be unveiled, some anticipation of something unknown, not yet revealed, but one that matters…like the skies opening up just before sunrise. A trueness to self, a part of us can sometimes be revealed at a later time.

    Greetings friend!

  3. I guess every person hopes for the day their magnum opus will be revealed. Sadly, for many, that day does not always come.

  4. I suppose the great work inside us changes with time and anticipation..i love the sense of excitement..the joy in preparing for a big reveal – whatever that may be

  5. How we all crave recognition for our creativity. Painters and visual art walk among the viewers listening for comments and poets and other writers long for feed back and count their visits on posting sites. Do we touch people by what we have created that is the question?

  6. I think it did make it easier to read the last line first. Maybe you could make that the title as well as repeating it as last line? However I don’t know for sure, because I will never know if I would have understood it otherwise! In another way, I don’t know how much that matters, as it is the feeling which you convey so well, regardless of what it is attached to.

  7. I do like the idea of a heart performing a somersault…great metaphor. I am trying to figure out who the ‘our’ is & why one would not use the word ‘my’ in this situation. Good that the magnum opus is revealed in the end…this draws the poem to a great conclusion.

    1. Hello Sumana,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it 🙂
      Highly appreciated, lots of love 😀

      PS: You’re the only person who guessed it right, till now 🙂

  8. The one who craves consolation is often disappointed, but when the craving is satisfied, it is heaven to the soul.

  9. I can relate the feeling so much to my first publications. I had thought the ground would swell and burst. I’m still waiting. Of course, those two small events may be only steps toward the real Magnum Opus which might even be the pattern of my life, unknown until the period is at the end.

  10. The Magnus Opus can be a metaphor for achievement, whatever that may be ~ a work of art, spiritual growth, recognition ~ we all crave acceptance and validation for our life’s efforts. Beautiful poem, Saana. Your write so well and wisely for such a young age.

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