Addressed to the devil

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“But soon the devil’s among us flesh and fell,” from ‘The Ballad Of Villon And Fat Madge’ by François Villon

Raging as white hot fire in response,
He cringed, I knew that’s his response.

My body is a walking representation,
deceiving devil’s darkness in response.

I devour rectitude as daily breakfast,
disregarding ills to follow in response.

Oh glancing through the veil of matter,
shall shatter clout of guile’s response.

I will bring the devil down on his knees
laugh heartily as courteous response.


Form: Ghazal

Photo credits: Pinterest

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52 Replies to “Addressed to the devil”

  1. A wonderful ghazal! I love the form, and this is an excellent example. Each couplet acts alone, but together, the theme resounds.

  2. Snap – we picked the same quote! I like what you’ve made of it, Sanaa, especially the repletion of ‘in response’, which reminds me :of a religious service; the line:
    ‘I devour rectitude as daily breakfast’
    and the internal rhyme in:
    ‘Oh glancing through the veil of matter,
    shall shatter clout of guile’s response’.

  3. The devil is seduuctive and gorgeous. He is supposed to be, otherwise his success rate would not be as good as it is. Use him as a pin cushion or a voodoo doll for those lethally sharp quilled feathers of yours:)

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