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Your absence
stings soft and pulls nearer to the heart
holding on to sessions of sweet and silent thoughts
Your absence
stings soft as though buds of crimson fire
stirring up hopes and dreams of endless desire
Your absence
stings soft and floods the heart like rain
surges through the blood and pulses through the vein
Your absence
stings soft and rouses love and passion
urging nature to bend her rules to perceive fervid pattern



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Posted for ‘Midweek Motif’ @ Poets United

Posted on ‘Tuesday Platform’ @ Real Toads

70 thoughts on “Absence

  1. L. Moon says:

    Like a stinging nettle – this form of absence always hard to endure.
    Beauty penned in your ink, Sanaa.
    Hope your days are filled with sunshine.

  2. Jae Rose says:

    I couldn’t help but think of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – in this instance it is far past fond and well on the way to passionate πŸ™‚

  3. panchali says:

    Beautiful….there’s something satin about the tune…/ words../ sound of the voice in this poem! I just love this, Sanaa! ❀️

  4. kanzensakura says:

    The true absence of one we truly love is heartbreaking. The absence of an imagined lover is even more sad but in a different way. Absence repeated in your poem says much.

  5. Bjorn Rudberg says:

    Such absence… its weight a millstone… the longing burning like fire.

    Love the use of repetition.

  6. Jim says:

    What do they day, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” I enjoyed reading your vignettes. For me, I can’t sleep until not-so wee hours come. We haven’t had many absenses in our 45 years. My other marriage separation was hard as I was caught by surprise.
    Thank you for hosting Tuesday Platform again this week. I Googled your city, it looks marvelous.

  7. kaykuala says:

    Your absence
    stings soft and rouses love and passion
    urging nature to bend her rules to perceive fervid pattern

    Absence can create so much longings in a young heart!


  8. Kim M. Russell says:

    I’ve only just got around to reading this morning as I only finished my exam marking yesterday. So it’s a treat to be reading your poem this morning, Sanaa, before my day starts. What a stunning way to describe absence: ‘stings soft and pulls nearer to the heart’.

  9. Kerry O'Connor says:

    From the days of Shakespeare’s sweet silent thought to the present, the absence of a loved one will always sting.

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