A Ballet of Swans

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Observe them drift along rivulets black; as though
sweet thrill being whispered back. The evening swathed
with glimmer of wings; while moon and season blitheness
bring. Our mind thus whirls and heart does sing.

Their beauty fine like Nature’s grace; we lost measure
of both time and place. Our soul secluse much like swan;
who mourns forlorn in dirge of death. The pure eternal
course of life; tied around our bloom and breath.

Flutter of wings at time of dawn;
Our worries lost and fear is gone.



Photo credits: wallpapersend.com

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub


46 thoughts on “A Ballet of Swans

  1. therisa says:

    There’s a certain elegance, which Swans have, that your poem, Sanaa, conveys to reader. Only wish, my writing had more of, at times.

  2. Mary says:

    Their beauty is fine like nature’s grace! Indeed..swans are among the most graceful of birds. Your poem depicts them well.

    • Sanaa says:

      Hello Ladyleemanila,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it 🙂
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

  3. lillian says:

    Absolutely stunning. They do indeed glide across rivulets of black….so beautifully penned. Such graceful creatures and you’ve penned them so gracefully and gently here. You have a lilt to your writing and your spirit here….beautiful!
    Late to the bar I am….one of our last days in Bermuda and this beautiful place tempts me away from my computer! So glad to read your piece here…….beautiful.

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