Honestly speaking

Strawberry stains speak specifically of decades;
slow afternoons
when traffic converts into arteries of light around the heart
of the metropolis,
equal parts exhaustion and hope—
of times when we would lounge in front of the television set for hours
on end, bread sticks and cheese
in the corner cupboard, which one of us
would begrudgingly
get up to get; where, oh where have those days gone?
Of first kisses, awkward and rushed,
I can still recall the fragrance on my cardigan when we’d held hands
and dropped chutney accidentally in the process—
I guess that’s what you get
for not
doing your laundry on time; but knowing me, I’d do it all over again.
How else do you walk such glorious distances together?





Photo credits: Pinterest

De hosts at dVerse and invites us to write laundry poems.
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Posted for Poetics: “Put your words on Spin Cycle,” @ dVerse Poets Pub