Untitled (You say that trees bring their art to the world)

Delirious, dauntless and dissolute – this Autumn breeze, brilliant petals
of pink and gold that serve as a backdrop to tousled hair and reddening
contour; reading what I have just written, I now believe that the season
is synonymous, the growing cycle gifts with both ripeness and maturity;
it’s no less than a step towards realizing, recognizing and reclaiming
true self.

I am what I have always been – fiery, determined with a purpose of
fulfilling my life’s direction. You say that trees bring their art to the world,
their branches
taking root in the sky— but tell me for I understand not, I
have lived so long with rough-barked beauties, so long that I’d hug them
had there not been people flitting around. Do they feel the way we do?
And when the season wraps them in scarlet, do they carry on with hope?




Photo credits: “Traces,” by Mara Light, Pinterest

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