The Oddity of Roses

Red, these unslumbering clouds know not difference;
they indulge in the fragrance,
in the very winds that whisper in alluring accents,
I can barely express–
the oddity of roses,
they pout and pose in the innermost workings of my mind
where you reside,
are you ready for the change of seasons?
Such poetry in the contour of your cheeks,
in the duskiest glow
of autumnal leaves swirling; I could memorize every inch of you
and still yearn to know more,
it’s as though your initials are engraved on soft
and supple skin.
I sense you in the waxing crescent of the moon,
feel you
belong in the direction of my words;
tell me, is there anything sweeter?
The roses surrounded by solitude and song speak of you
as much as I do,
sometimes we just know without knowing why and how.




Photo credits: The Art of Catrin Welz-Stein

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