Self-Portrait – In times of Covid-19

The mirror is a poem we write to ourselves;
long after the sun,
like golden petals stretches out into the blue—
I am equal parts chaos and order,
it’s a truth I do not care to hide from myself,
if I am to be human.
Allow me to sift through your worries,
replace ache
with soft whispers; conviction
I have learned is a roseate hue that makes browning leaves
seem pretty.
This year has been challenging; uncertainty
drugging the wind worldwide, is this how it’s going to be
from now on?
I am the rain falling in a series of cascades after the drought;

why succumb to apathy
when we can encourage evolution through spirited verses—

come, let us bridge the gap
there is no discouraging us poets from the path;
“I” is equivalent to We.



(Photo taken a little after quarantine in May)

Sarah hosts at dVerse today and asks us for a poetic selfie. Come join us! ❤️

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