Taking a bite out of an erotic poem

Suggestiveness is all allusion, inference and association;
a weapon,
an art of establishing the fragrance of a rose in the mind
of a reader
without presenting the rose itself—
I am fairly new to the subject of sensuality,
my humble verses denoting the fire that hums inside my breast.
Salt on the wind,
an erotic poem is one that doesn’t make us wait and sit—
it’s similar to diving into the ocean,
cerulean ecstasy,
from quickening of pulse to emotion quietly settling in.
Tell me,
isn’t it possible to taste honey without having it run down the corner of one’s lips?
Words, when devised properly
have the power to leave us alone with our thoughts— a rural silence,
a muted night
sought after,
nowadays as the city in continuous hustle and bustle grows restless;
an erotic poem stays with us long after taste buds change.




Photo credits: Adrien Broom Painting, Pinterest

For my ‘Guest Prompt,’ at dVerse Pub where I invite others
to explore the question, “What makes a poem erotic?” ❤️

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