One last innocent glance before I drink from the liqueur glass

As I would bite into the ripeness of plums;
so, would I attempt to pave my way into your breast—
your breath would catch
as night moves closer to the inception of dawn;
so much of you is already written
into my soul.
A smile, a glimpse into hurrying possibilities;
the long, lush
and riotous reeds of your untamed desire would part,
igniting the sky—
the contour of your torso is nothing less than enigmatic;
it requires attention,
wind-blown kisses tinged with a willingness to explore;
for when we touch
even in the slightest, hushed and most insignificant way,
I am lifted.




Photo credits: Pinterest

Skylover Wordlist: Enigmatic (words found and used after
scrambling are) Tame, ignite, tinge 💝

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