Handcrafted in Feeling

Handcrafted in feeling;
I twirl in the lucid flow of air—uninhibited
I am guilty of it as anyone,
the lit fuse of my lips disregards the conventions of the world
just by existing.
Unload the night sky, a moment in a lifetime ago,
stifled sighs
and let it slip from shoulders, who knows what we know
when we ask it questions—
enact a thousand reasons why,
why promises of growing seasons rumble from your irises?
Even when we barely touch?
I am a flower soaked and lost in your current,
mint cream cheese icing to your cupcake;
I need not cite the passage that contains details
because Summer
sweltering hot and
sweet has already cited it— the same way
the moon
tames the sun
as they embrace each other during an eclipse;
to say that I am surprised would be an understatement.




Photo credits: Pinterest

Skylover Wordlist: Enigmatic (words found after
scrambling are) Icing, enact, tame, cite, mint 💝

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