When all else fails

There are days when daylight proceeds as if not prepared to come,
and I wonder
why the world’s not yet been upgraded to a higher definition;
a penny for your thoughts,
we are fragile beings in an unbreakable sort of way.
I look to the sky,
seek the companionship of your words when all else fails–
your perspective helps gain new insight,
urging me
rise above the clamour of the world.

It’s delicate, delightful and deep,
the way the sun blooms on the horizon, unbiased–
is it incumbent for us to act accordingly?
Isn’t it enough that the universe is woven into the fabric of soul?
We write of longing in shades darker than usual,
only a few will understand; if one has no right to exist
neither does the other– I cannot help looking;
I cannot help looking
when all else fails.



Photo credits: Pinterest

This week, Magaly would like us to write poetry or prose
where we are
to fill in the blanks in the phrase, “When all
else fails, I.” Come join us! πŸ“

Anmol invites us to write along the lines of pride, protest,
gender fluidity et al. I chose to write a tribute poem in his
honor! πŸ’

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