From Dusk Till Dawn

Dandelion seeds whisper your name towards the end of the day,
can you feel the mantling of the sky?
Among roots and blades of grass lies self-restraint,
why is it that the sun refuses to sleep?
My breast filled with the humid emotions of June;
what is this alchemy?
I fell in love with the way your eyelids closed.

Speak, the heart’s descending to darker depths
of meaning,
golden in its knowledge of the realm’s return to dust;
do you see the delicate way in which assassins touch machinery?
As though aware of the weight of conscience;
my apologies,
that was a dreadful misinterpretation of monstrosity;
they possess none whatsoever,
keep walking— repugnance will dry anybody’s lips,
what does increase in fahrenheit have anything to do with it?
I fire up the clouds from dusk till dawn,
my tongue abrogating sweet milk that it has tasted over the years;
it’s no longer acceptable to be immune.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Song Choice: ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia

Skylover Wordlist: Machinery, fahrenheit, speak, golden,
dust, assassin, return, medicine 💝

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