It is at moments after I have dreamed

Poem inspired by the title of E.E. Cummings poetic masterpiece, “It is at moments after I have dreamed.”

It is at moments after I have dreamed
of dulcet sighs
that accompany the unadulterated appearance of your smile,
that I gladly drown—
nothing is better than luscious lips that offer respite
to a heart
that’s parched like a desert without shade and when a mind is dry
stumbling in pursuits (I am unable to thwart this feeling)
Such a state is mine,
your eyes are viridian, dark with desire
with a golden halo
around the pupil that only seems warmer in certain circumstances–
they give life to my poetic verses.
And I lie here listening to you breathe my name,
I wonder if you realize what it feels like to ache this way?
Distance is terrifying— amaranth lipstick marks on coffee mug emphasizes this;
it is at moments after I have dreamed
that I could write poem
after poem
about wanting you, but you know because you have already read them.
I await the arrival of Summer rain.


Photo credits: Unsplash

Posted for Writers’ Pantry @ Poets and Storytellers United