Milk Moon ~ Part Two: Behind the drapes

I prefer the heavy drape of velvet;
turning, transforming into new shades
and permeating
from where it was once touched—a conclusion of sorts.
We speak in tongues
as the moon slowly disintegrates into cloud,
you breathe me in
and I fill your lungs; perhaps this is the real secret of alchemy?
What is hidden and what is no longer concealed
remains a mystery—

I allow familiarity to fall in folds,
like a landscape
peaceful and still; why then the need of ribaldry?
I am dampened by the passing rain, witness
to a world that’s doubly edged.

With my whole body, I taste adherence,
no almond milk in comparison tastes sweeter—
there is a reason
my poetry is written down,

words these words are what lips to you cannot possibly utter;
let them remain behind the drapes,
I observe many things.



Photo credits: N.J Covington, Drapery in Clay

A Skylover Wordlist: Almond, alchemy, landscape 💝

Posted for Writers’ Pantry @ Poets and Storytellers United