Lie to me

Lie to me;
with a smiling mouth or pleading,
for even roses
have no trouble, whatsoever, distinguishing between—
I am worth reading,
my dark irises lambent with budding of days to come;
purely theoretical.
A landscape of bruises and hurt was once my domain,
where I sat
unable to discern the dubious murmur of red alchemy,
empty tears,
and implacable sweetness of tales
which sought to degrade deeper truth—can you still trap me?
Come, let your steps be slower, the white in the milk moon
bears witness to.

A sickle or a scythe, as the light hits the ocean
and aqua blue
prepares to move in and construct the atmosphere; lie to me.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Rommy invites us to focus our words around lies or
idea of a lie, come join us! 📝

A Skylover Wordlist: Alchemy, landscape, implacable,
aqua 💝

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