Last Night, I Dreamed Of Water

Bone soldered,
I dream of aquatic chestnuts and walking barefoot
on the beach; rippling waves
and low whispers encased in the ocean’s bed
call to me,
but as the hours pass, I am jolted back to reality—
we are living in perilous times,
where mounting casualties paint the landscape.
Raw is how I feel, and though I am sequestered,
I understand that it’s necessary.
The night is somewhat distant
and aloof,

it shies away from the clouds implacable— who then reveals
the face of the city?
I picture people sitting idle, their nocturnal hearts
joined together
with nothing but a single thought— “Stay home. Life is beautiful.”




Photo credits: Atlas Obscura

Magaly invites us to write poetry or prose inspired by
Pandemic Street Art from around the world. 📝

A Skylover Wordlist: Implacable, aloof, aqua, nocturnal, landscape 💝

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