Darker than black

Aloof and recalcitrant;
the sky speaks of alchemy that goes into shaping my landscape—
rolling hills
dressed in the colours of rain give a glimpse of what goes on inside;
this feeling is hard to explain.
I look into the mirror and see your face instead,
almond eyes vibrant with arrows sting;
they have managed to dye my implacable rivers red.
here is only the present— its soft consonants
to ring in my ears, tearing apart the back seams;
what then were masks created for?
Do we really know ourselves as much as we let on?

The music of your amorous lips washes up
against barriers
and rises into nocturnal emptiness— I surrender again and again,
this inclination is darker than black: this inclination is darker than black.




Photo credits: Pinterest

A Skylover Wordlist: Alchemy, implacable, mask, aloof, almond, nocturnal, sting, landscape 💝

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