Milk Moon ~ Part One: The Chosen One

I am fairly misunderstood;
owing to my sharp tongue and never-ending stardust in my bones.
Ninth house of the zodiac,
I am both fire and ice wrapped in the ocean’s breath—
wanderer by night,
I am trained in the language of the heart;
the dirt remembers my fingerprints, the sky my temperament—
I see you
your laughter and your pain;
I am the kind of rain that falls soft at first, harder
when required.
Dance with me, for the world is weary and everybody in the end
deserves a reboot,
a chance to rewind as mauve sunset crosses the city
and becomes lost in a row of lamplit faces—
I am Sagittarius.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Day Twenty-six ~ Reboot, Rewind, Recycle

Skylover Wordlist: Zodiac 💝

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