Leaving the lights on

The days are beginning to blur;
circuitous rockery, dark green foliage cutting through
empty avenues
and ambiguity calls to me— Spring is cruel at times,
blooming riotously despite absence of feeling within.
Physically drained,
that is perhaps easier to make out
but what of the hours when one is alone on a bench of thoughts?
I refrain from telling stories,
they are often open-ended and misleading—
dear reader, whose side are you on?
The world’s chaotic and hostile minds sparkle with merriment;
and I,
I am the weed in their otherwise perfectly manipulated rose garden—
a teardrop as I dance in the rain;
I am a rebel on the go and I am leaving the lights on.



Photo credits: Lisa Gordon Photography

Day Twenty-five ~ Artistic Interpretations: Willard Asylum

Skylover Wordlist: Rockery 💝

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