The Stairway to your Soul

Perhaps there is nothing more natural
than the sound
of your breathing in my ear, the simple fibrous blueprint
of the heart
which becomes rose coloured when lighted with desire
and ache—
in dark hours, you are the sky over a narrow body of water,
my lips offer a silent prayer
so as to keep away tears from the corner of your eyes;
nature and nature everywhere
if I am to contemplate the point where the sidewalk ends—
could it be
so that I may ascend the stairway to your soul;
begin my morning
with the steamy knowledge of thunder running down your thighs.
Perhaps there is nothing more natural
than emotion;
the subtle realization of mortality— it tastes like absinthe
without sugar.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Day Twenty-four ~ Wild Woman: Natural Wonders

Skylover Wordlist: Narrow 💝

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