Repeatedly, a kiss then becomes rain

Here I am in the midst of it all,
not even a blue-black cloud and yet your mist is written
all over me–
the lit fuse of your lips soft and sensual
beckons, come take me down
and I realize
you are the only possible remedy for my parched landscape.
I am powerless,
for the moment I open my mouth,
the moment I attempt to speak, I am hushed—

the earnestness of your chiseled features is enough to bowl me over.

A floating sensation; unexplained
I find I am unable to think clearly until daylight
shapes your face,
perhaps this is the new normal
the lipstick upon my coffee cup belittles me for delaying too much—
how long must a confession be?
I ask the heat of the sun most precariously.
“As long as it takes for the fume of his sighs to meld with yours




Photo credits: Pinterest

Day Nineteen ~ Get Listed

Word List: Sensual, features, blue, mouth

Skylover Wordlist: Beckon 💝

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