In a Station of Life’s Metro

Hanging delicately in the wind is hope of thousands,
as days pass by–
a new world created where one works from home,
orders groceries online and refrains from setting foot in public.
Let the clouds cry
then confide to the heavier bosom of the ground below–
it’s exhausting to keep everything confined inside the ribcage;
allow pain to melt like lumps of sugar,
at the end of the day there is consolation that sun will rise again
despite the darkness.
Come, take my hand
as we battle our demons together in the station of life’s metro;
write words
even though at times we feel we’re beginning to fray at the edges—
come, let us not be afraid.




Photo credits: Edward Hopper Painting, Pinterest

Day Eighteen ~ Encouragement 

Skylover Wordlist ~ Stations 💝

Poem inspired by the title of Ezra Pound’s poetic masterpiece,
“In a Station of the Metro.”

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