The Eternal Blow Hot and Cold

I suppose it makes sense,
bodies have limited shelf life unlike almond butter
atleast it comes with the option of being stored,
refrigerated even;
it can last up till months, but us?
We crumble like wet paper,
our fibers torn when neglected.
Bodies are conscious but don’t have consciousness
they care not for rules and regulations
they scatter,
like potpourri evoke fragrant kisses;
painting the soul in shades of atomic tangerine,
rose and bittersweet shimmer— what am I?
Why am I here?
Will it matter when I am gone?
The answer perhaps lies in existential animateness
I am alone
but not really in my query of the universe;
this pattern is decades old,
with the moon and stars bursting for everyone to see—
birth is only the first gate,
like Persephone I bathe myself in the devastating light.




Photo credits: Laura Berger Illustration, Pinterest

Day three ~ Existentialism

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