Being a woman in times like these

Softly contumacious, embed the sun into our veins
it’s necessary
the blackness forms a sort of primeval aversion:
are we not entitled?
The rustling leaves whisper to each other
a story in their breathing;
“She was warned. She was given an explanation.
Nevertheless, she persisted.”
The simple sweetness of existing isn’t enough,
consolidate the orange torch of twilight
into our words,
the kind that enables others to find their own courage—
stretching out in front of me like a map
are approaching centuries,
its grid lines darker than threat of biodiversity;
I never understood
why rhetoric should remain outside the chambers,
are we not competent?
I have an answer against the anti-rhetoric of philosophers,
my tongue
a thin sliver blade raised; “let us, by all means, be lucid.”




Photo credits: Stanka Kordic Painting, Pinterest

Magaly invites us to write inspired by the quote from the description of “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” a flash   fiction collection published by 💝

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