Ode to Dark Chocolate

I love dark chocolate;
the kind that melts into your mouth,
with a hint of black cherry,
as I lounge and breathe in the salt air—
I know what you are thinking,
what could she possibly have to say
about chocolate
that hasn’t already been said?

I am floating amid cream clouds,
hearing his voice as dark as licorice,
as orange marmalade with deep and intense
cocoa flavour—
I can almost make out the fragrance,
in its act of seduction—
tell me, which ground will mortality hide beneath?
Dark chocolate,
many have laid their heads drinking whiskey
outside a shrine—
toss me the moon, as I observe the night sky darken;
a tortoiseshell cat chase a fallen leaf.

Can it be so that I may write until the world ends,
Poetry, my genetic inheritance,
hard hitting
as dark chocolate when it comes in direct contact
with the tongue.
I dislike people who kick others in the teeth
especially now
when the world for compassion is in dire need—
dark chocolate is camaraderie,
how we exert it determines its texture and taste.

I prefer to eat while watching the news,
it helps to soften the blow—
dark and shadowy is hope but it’s there nonetheless,
there is no escape from fear,
from hatred
and from ignorance,
but humor me
while I indulge by tearing apart a large piece of it;
listen to the hammering of centuries—
love, I swear something big is coming towards us;
are we prepared?



Photo credits:  Pinterest

A Skylover Wordlist:  Merciless, listen, shrine, escape,tortoiseshell, teeth, inheritance, cream, ground, fragrant 💝

Posted for the Writers’ Pantry @ Poets and Storytellers United