It Begins With A Rumor

It begins with a rumor,
a cluster of individuals huddled together;
a little taste of something delicious,
and how one embellishes to make it better.
Give it a turn or two, it possesses the power
to compromise the truth—
as though flow of water
which weakens the pillars supporting a roof.

Feed it the nectar of luscious lips,
as conversation resumes in corners—
thick as blood,
it can easily spread
through a settled community;
a sort of contagion effect.

A rumor full of fire slowly goes away
and all that’s left
are ashes—
I wonder how the cream-white moon grinding its teeth
feels knowing the unfortunate believe
a second thought— a rumor is unfounded;
can we hope to listen and rise above it?




Photo credits: Artwork by Stephan Parylak

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A Skylover Wordlist: cream, teeth,
listen 💝

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