His eyes are ocean incarnate-a tribute

Holding myself as I bend towards sleep, I allow
course of fire to consume me–
as tangerine, pink pepper,
lily, cedar-wood, rose and musk notes surround me,
his eyes are ocean incarnate
piercing ever so slowly into my heart.
the night with heightened breath calls out,
perhaps it too is aware of longing–
I cannot flirt with the earth’s rain,
my lips stained and made caustic with what was
and had been.
If you must know I prostrate in reverence twice,
once on the bare floor before God
and another
when I lay my soul in submission to your being,
I adore beauty in all things– in art, in music
and literature

so, it’s no surprise that I adore you.
Gaze not upon me so closely, for fear that heart
might stop beating,
it might bleed out odes unwritten—
wanting you has become as involuntary as breathing;
like a budding tree fluid
pouring desire in every leaf: how did we come to this?



Photo credits: The Kiss by Thomas Saliot, Pinterest

A tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and
his unforgettable
songs that touch hearts worldwide ❤️

Posted for Weekly Scribblings @ Poets and Storytellers United