His lips are petal, are thirst

Only time will tell,
residue of longing, luscious, on the edge of lower lip
is truth,
is fallaciousness,
chained in curiosity or is merely an illusion
your lambent green eyes
a slight intake of breath
and before I could realize, I lost track of time.
Come, strip the night of indecision,
sometimes we just let it slip away
this love of mine is as old as the hills, cutting deep
into poetry that sings,
I suppose it makes sense
I see your name and say it softly out loud;
silvered, like the moon
even the smallest traces of you make me radiate,
make me glow,
you say

I leave lipstick notes without a care in the world
only time will tell.



Photo credits: Jarek Puczel Painting, Pinterest

A potpourri of words from Skylover Wordlist:  Lambent,
illusion, chained, curiosity, strip, silver. 💝

Posted for Weekly Scribblings @ Poets and Storytellers United