January Rain

And so, it happens,
midway upon the journey of life
I find myself
meandering through the grey and misty streets–
their chaotic fragrance somewhat soothing,
sets me on fire.

You humbly inquire after my beliefs,
and percussion
bold that breaks through the windows of heart–
as to this I could not precisely say,
so, I drew it out
and held it gingerly; I am surprised by the warmth
in your eyes,
hazel gold in their fervour.

I drink pink grapefruit consolation and make peace
with the idea
that I can never finish a sentence without you nodding your head
in approval;
nobody is at fault here,
the city’s veins are bent on beating amber to red—
these shadows offer the shape of life.

Before I sleep, I whisper your name
satin syllables
that roll right off the tongue, barely stirring the air
yet a hurricane of desire
I cannot remember a time when I did not hunger
for you
to dance along,
before lower lip gave me away—
January in return sighs
at invisible poems and half a cup of longing at my bedside table.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Word List: Somewhat, warmth, percussion, grapefruit, fervour, bedside, sleep.

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