Remember when we were strangers?

You leave me unfinished
staring deeply into the abyss of time,
I, a rough sketch of desire, attempting to put words together
your scent lingers as rain
conjuring a gentle yet dark pattern upon my skin,
remember when we were strangers–
in tandem stationed in the bucolic hills
the shape of those days
meant nothing if either one of us wasn’t contained in them,
your scent dances around inside my head
as autumn leaves cascade to the ground unhindered–
the night has already beckoned the body to rest,
conscious of raw rush taking over as I drift into sleep.
Your lips erubescent — taste of the finest raisins and cherries
oh, how I wanted you to define me!
You are poetry that seeks to align me with the world
without pretense;
I, a warm and persistent candle wafting in the wind,
remember when we were strangers?


Photo credits: Pinterest

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