Over the river and through the woods, we tread knowing well what’s ahead of us

I watch as frost grows over the windows,
the cold air allows me
to discern
the thoughts forming slowly in my mind,
and fire
which despite freezing temperature continues
to fill my chest.

Can I embrace you, to wake me from oblivion?
Brush upon your lips lightly,
offer a kiss,
and rage against the hypocrisy of adult world?
They say
there is something better waiting down the road,
but how can we fashion what’s to come
when the bondage of past continues to plague us?
The world before us is shrouded in smoke,
and we as a nation are fed sweet milk
in the form of media–
what disconcerted times are we living in?

Sheathe me in your ardor,
as I offer you the soft wisps of black hair around my nape
touch me darkly, decadently
as the wind does to a rosebud–
I sense the desire burning inside you through the sigh
that escapes your lips,
and if by tonight, I forget my name, remind me
for in the end it’s youth which needs to take up the torch
of perspective and change–
I breathe deeply, as eyelids open to affirmation in the line
of your mouth.



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