October, as leaves fall patiently

It’s a wonderful thought to be had
probably because I said something infantile,
as we wallow in each other
and the coziness of cloudy October days,
while breaking through the ingrained pattern of generations
and deciding what is best for us.

Could it be that this idea of healing is a seed
that has been planted within us?
The kind that takes a long time to gestate
when we seek to challenge the uselessness of systems
and return as chrysanthemums
to the fundamental questions that define our being
in this world–
some won’t understand the metamorphosis
that takes place in us,
as we reason with sensibility, make peace with the past
and the present.

I kiss my way through pain and confusion,
longing for simplicity in times of sophistication–
deep into your waters
there exists a voice that beckons to the rebel inside of me.
I embrace darkened innocence
ignoring the cries of bygone summers that state otherwise,
time has added more dimensions to my being,
taught me
to cherish joy when it’s found.

Caressed by the sun I stare into the end of beginning,
I am doubtful of the raindrops in my life
and though vulnerability is my strongest pursuit in writing
at times the sky opens up and swallows me whole.
I am the gospel of Autumn as I search for truth that’s present
in the universe
as I feel uncertainty and learn to experience without dread,
it’s all right to let go.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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