October is one more yellow leaf as I turn to embrace the end of year

Dark as the night, as clouds that form around what begs to be seen
I am the goddess of sleep and dreams
I am ripples that form in quiet lakes of green
where kisses linger beneath the moon in the backseat
and laughter echoes in the morning,
deny you may but the soul is aware of what the body refuses to admit
it conceals its deepest desires
but in truth indulges as though giving in to the ferocity of cloudburst,
to the redundancy of roses,
every second Samhain I transform along with others
into a swan
feel the end of harvest season drawing to a close
and winter emerge as the somber half of the year, as the world honors
deceased ancestors–
fleeting is time,
its weight balanced upon rock-ribbed, pearl white wings
I am softer sighs made bittersweet by what remains beyond power,
what’s believed to be,
as water wise beckons me to listen and share a few stories.



Photo credits: Mythical goddesses by Katrina Taule, Pinterest

Posted for Weekend Challenge @ Real Toads