Of a world behind the mirror

Poem inspired by the quoted pieces of Rupi Kaur’s poetic masterpiece “Milk and Honey.”

There is no mirror to state the condition of mind
here in this purgatory of sorts,
as darkly I trace the wounds of flesh
part sin and part virtue
as drops of rose fragrance unto me cling.

The moon drips silver
gliding from the once abundant sky
I suppose even she gets tired eternally surrounded
by courtier clouds
what a brutal irony it is that we get to choose the way we perceive
but not feel,
my lips as ever blood red from exhaustion.

At the sound of a horn the gates open themselves
I lie in wait
for amnesty or damnation to claim me
as life in its monochrome musing flashes
before my eyes.
I have loved you as honey knowing not drops lingered
elsewhere too,
let us now settle the score for angels have reckoned that hour
is nearing its close.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Wild Friday #2 @ Poets United