October: In accord with Autumn in bronze and song in heart

Poem inspired by Peter Sarstedt’s lyrical masterpiece, Where do you go to my lovely, 1969

Tonight, the soul is dark and the moon’s awash
with tears
as though aware of what’s stirring inside,
I am shades of sepia intermingled with blithesome and serious.
Fleeting is lust and yet
we continue to chase the desires of flesh,
where do you go to when ocean foam refuses to touch your feet?
When grass seems indifferent?
Where do you go to when droplets are unable to echo your ache?
I see you with your smiles
oblivious to the shredding of coconut husk covering of my heart,
to the quivering of my lips
as I look you in the eye and put on a straight face.
It’s deeper than you think, this abyss of emotion that accompanies
after heartache,
where will you go to when words come out of hiding?
where will you go to when October comes searching for answers?
I am sorry what was it that you said, love?
You’re no longer present in memory but my thoughts distract you.



Photo credits: Mira Nedyalkova, dark underwater

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