Aubade – Death wants nothing more than to teach us kindness

“J” is for Judgement, should the sky deem me worthy
there is little joy in holding fast to pride
to watch darkness moving through a tunnel
I trace my finger upon the stalk of bitterroot
falling out of skin
do we cry or do we pause?
Blown by the soft winds do we fear the rolling rivers
that run dry,
growing up I dreamed of the other side and back
I raced past red devilry of roses and laughed
I thought how lovely is death,
three words – make it last
every moment, every breath, every kiss and every act
let not the world drown your voice
let not your soul become lost in the cloud chamber,
long after midnight I sit with myself
my thoughts are wisps of lurid blue when outside everything is silent
“what do you care what other people think?”
Wouldn’t you rather waltz down the half moon street,
it’s then that I understand the doe-eyed beauty
the woman in red
though heads or tails is the politics of money
in the end we are equal in the swirling umber blur of dust
and I wonder when we reach the other side of the story,
will you remember me?


Photo credits: La Catrina, Margaret Bednar

Book titles: J is for judgement, The Other Side and Back, Bitterroot, Growing up, Make it last,
Cloud Chamber, Long after midnight, What do you care what other people think? Remember me,Half moon street, The Woman In Red, The Other Side of the Story.

Posted for Artistic Interpretations with Margaret @ Real Toads