Like starry blooms on a new firmament in July

Poem inspired by the title of Pablo Neruda’s poetic masterpiece “I like for you to be still.”

The ocean blue, transparent, soft and strong
its breath rising and falling with melodic ease as the sun roseate
whispers soothingly, becomes its heartbeat
I wonder if I would have ever observed its beauty
had I been born into its depths
like a lionfish,
creamy white, sweeping over coral reefs in a matter of seconds
I like for you to be still,
as though you are reflection
and my gaze does not touch you yet longingly caresses,
it seems that you belong to another time.

The wind gentle, sweet-tempered, loving and quiet
in July it rouses me to wakefulness
as night sits up and brushes off leaves from obsidian robe
in gales it sings to crab-apple trees,
its tone a spiritual affirmation that cleanses my being
I like for you to be still,
as though you are attempting to listen
and my message is being delivered to you from far away
it seems that you are part of my spirit.

Whoever claimed that love was fire
let slip from memory that it’s also breath and sigh
a simple kiss takes one to heaven
surpassing magenta clouds as euphoria floods into the veins
your eloquent lips,
are like waves meeting with sand, they smile and revive
the restless soul.

Perfectly red, a raspberry is like a whisper enclosed
into my palm
like the first drops of rain after work on a Monday morning
I know how it feels
when someone we hold close to heart – is miles apart
I like for you to be still,
as though drifting off into a peaceful sleep
and my thoughts
seeking to hold hands with you in a field of dreams-
it seems as though we are meant to be.



Photo credits: Mallory Morrison Photography

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