Last Night I Wandered Through The Hills Of Dreaming

The hills that lie congenial by day like confidants of land
are darkly ominous by night,
here in a world where there is nothing but chaos
they say I looked back out of impetuosity,
in search of an untouched canvass upon which to leave a mark,
I am struck by beauty that’s unapologetically herself
the flirty fuchsia of roses that define life in endless lines of thoughts
and expression which my poems only tease.
Why does darkness approach from outside?
Why is the colour grey doused in both despair and light?
If I can spot a serpent glide out from a maculate shade, can I convince him
not to become
the devil’s advocate?
Let us go to the other side now that you know my face by heart
and indulgence as adversary at the crack of dawn.



Photo credits: Eli Edward Evangelidis, @eliedwardart

Posted for Art Collaboration @ Real Toads