Sweet Empty Sky Of June Without A Stain

Poem inspired by the title of Henry Vaughan’s masterpiece, “Sweet Empty Sky Of June Without A Stain.”

Why are salt marshes frequently overflowed?
Why am I drawn toward a moonlit path with intensity?
I wish for tranquility to carry me through time,
wear it as skin and allow June to deflect the bleakness of day.
Why does spring allude to violet obsession?
Why do oyster whispers echo within its own silent exterior?
Nowadays my mood quickly shifts from tired
to mellow,
when at dusk silence follows thalia pink and knock-out orange,
there is something to be said about love
having dipped its toes in bitter blues and vulnerability
I can’t remember what it was like before I met you,
to breathe in spaces
between empty whites and mauve hankering,
why is the tongue fretful?
why isn’t your heart tuned to my softest serenade?
I can no longer make sense of things
nor remember if berries
in blackberry bramble cocktail were macerated by cinnamon.



Photo credits: Loui Jover, Cocktail.

Word List: Salt Marshes, Moonlit Path, Violet Obsession, Thalia Pink, Knock-out orange, Serenade, Blackberry Bramble.

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