Bathed In The Evening Light, A Poet Walks Slowly

I have witnessed stranger things in life
but none quite as strange as this,
the city is a kaleidoscope of emotions
and sounds
with jasmine flowers swaying in the wind
here the sun is sweltering hot and yet
the heart is somehow content as above the sky grows faint.
In the spaces
between hectic everyday routine and leisurely hours
the city wins you over
with cinnamon bread, bowl of nuts and buttermilk,
here the atmosphere is sweet-toned
when a stranger lends a helping hand regardless of caste and colour
of time and place,
I have spent many an evening marveling upon idiosyncrasy of this kind–
the city is peopled with hope not melancholia,
with viewpoints
both new and old embossed upon the asphalt concrete,
tell me
would you like me to give you a tour of my home country?



Photo credits: AQ Arif Oil Painting, Karachi 

For Anmol’s prompt “On Wandering & Observing.” 🙂

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To Find A Kiss Of Yours

Poem inspired by the title of Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca’s poetic masterpiece “To find a kiss of yours.”

To find a kiss of yours on the stage of twilight
when light slowly ebbs below the horizon,
leaving behind
a sliver of dark orange and dusty lavender
what I wouldn’t give
to trace my finger on your lips,
extract an emotion or two from its bridge.

With you
I taste the saltiness of ocean,

as breath is interlaced with the serenity of sky,
I allow its appeal to flood the senses.

To gaze upon your brow
would be to witness the whirl of coruscating stars,
how is it that God has made you
so as to lead me upon the path to allegiance,
I find I am partial
to your visage and in turn have betrayed the moon.

And to immortalize you in verse,
what I wouldn’t give to compare with stimulation
by strawberries,

to find a kiss of yours in the mist of early dawn
for purposes such I await the day.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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