A Kiss From The Breeze In May Can Mean Anything

I am comfortable amongst the crashing waves
and with every stretch of rosy sun burn my mouth with anticipation
and Darjeeling tea,
it wasn’t every year that we went on a picnic
how could anyone fail to appreciate the feeling of sand
between toes,
the salty air or the chance to play volleyball with friends,
I am listening to Rilke recite his poem
“I am much too alone in this world,”
where he wishes to unfold himself and become someone else
suddenly tea tastes as honey
and I am left pondering as to why it was irascible a short while ago
why one leaves things to be forgotten in the dark corners
of brain,
why the moon weeps with the onslaught of rain,
nobody can predict what the future beholds,
then why do we rush through life without a second glance?
It doesn’t matter whether the saucy chaffinch can sing,
it doesn’t matter
whether lovers who once wrapped their eyes around each other
are estranged,
you appeared in a dream and whispered such things to me
and I in that moment knew
you were art forever evolving,
and in the end despair gives us nothing but a poem
I am comfortable amongst the crashing waves,
let me be drunk on laughter until the night urges me to go home.


Photo credits: Jolygram

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