Aubade – Since Flower, Nor Stone, Nor Depths of the Raging Sea

The days descend inhaling orange-grey stretches of sundown
and anxious heartbeats
as though their life depend on it,
I silently watch the city with its buildings, it’s windswept blooms
and trees,
I can’t deny that you have been on my mind,
I think about you often
as clouds leisurely drift across and permeate every aspect of moon
I think about you all the time.

Between you and me there exists a language of love,
and an ache that comes and goes
you are the one who ignites the fire within,
you are the one who understands the struggles I go through.
How do you do it?
How do you see deep into my soul and unravel the emotions
even I myself am not aware of?
How you understand me
when words unspoken have yet to make their way into my heart
and mind?
How do you handle me when I am down
and at my worst?
How do you see me? How can you love me knowing my vices
in a time where falsehood grows and rises.

Come May,
amongst the changing months yours is the cruelest one
as lilacs determined outrun the threats of storm,
instinctively I release hope into the open and observe as it floats
slip a promise or two into the insides of my coat,
distance alone can not break apart nor douse emotions that run
thicker than blood.


Photo credits: Fabian Perez Painting

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