As Misty Doubt Burns With The Arrival Of May

Why do you presume May is anything but a gift?
Feel the evening sun
pouring in through the window,
the random sounds
as one becomes absorbed in ideas that flood
the corridors of mind,
I have long observed blossoms that arrive
like cream cheese frosting on trees in delectable yellows
and pinks
as love greets me, a bittersweet taste against my tongue,
should I die today
would hold memories of you inside impassioned eyelids
and have no regrets,
there is no explanation for moments when an individual learns
the meaning of life,
we mature with experience rather than the passing of years.
Why do you presume May is anything but quiet?
A time when night and day converse
and time adorns the sky with the birthing of dreams
my soul
accepts that uncertainty is what the world offers for free,
and that some of us
fall victim to its lies unfortunately,
you see I am one step closer than I was before to evolving
to higher self,
and though the road seems lonely as a smooth black river
I am shedding
energies that no longer match the colour of choices I make
in fulfilling my destiny.


Photo credits: Jolygram

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