Hostage In Her Own Mind

We call her the Emma Bruegel Project; she’s been in our care ever since her grandmother left her at the doorstep. She was twelve and yet there was a maturity around her that couldn’t be explained.

“But doctor, surely there is no reason for us to keep her here any longer,” the nurse eyed the auburn-haired girl with pity and remorse.

“Don’t be fooled by her calm and poised demeanor she is host to several fears and a phobia known to us as Agoraphobia.” It is a fear of places or situations that you can’t escape from. 

“But… but … she doesn’t seem the way you describe at all!” The nurse shaking her head in bewilderment looked at Emma as she continued to draw and hum to herself.

Both the doctor and nurse left as twilight stole the colour from day, Emma glanced up from her drawing, a satisfied and smug smile painted on her aristocratic features.

“My friends abhor this condition that I have acquired, or is this a facade that I with time have simply embraced and mastered? Such fools are they for they don’t know I fear what I am capable of and doing.”

Outside the wind rattled the windows as her heart shows her memories of years long gone. Memories of her aunt and uncle visiting for the Summer,

“Emma won’t you join us for brunch dear?” Her aunt an elderly and kind lady who was oblivious to the lecherous stares that her husband would give to the child.

Just then a knock sounded at the door and Emma was brought thundering back to present day reality. Her eyes welled up at the possibility of someone seeing her in this state so she pulled a silken sheet over her head.

The nurse entered the room with necessary dosage of pills unaware that she was hostage in her own mind.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Based on the poem Prologue – The Emma Bruegel Project

For Telling Tales With Magaly Phobias and Fears 🙂

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