The Answer Lies Somewhere Inside Your Heart

Why do white orchids stand alone?
Can we be as naked as them in their purity?
Tell me where did the afternoon sun
to be so unforgiving,
is this a sign that the world is coming to an end?
Lovers are at one with the hovering of night,
I wonder
if their laughter causes the moon to be jealous?
Does heaven
distinguish between mosque, temple and cathedral?
Must nature be victim
to atrocities of war, tears of blood and confusion?
I have walked upon the path
of self-doubt, met a few energy eating monsters
along the way
how does rain know when to deprive me
of candied desperation?
Does the butterfly know weed from flower?
Why are trees insistent upon participating
in conversation?
I have long learned the value of time,
how do you prevent
from slipping out of your hands?
If I am to die the next day
would it matter to you that you can no longer hear
my voice?
Why does music have a calming effect upon the ear?
Tell me,
what does poetry do for you
on days
when the soul yearns
for more?
The answer lies somewhere inside your heart.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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