Aubade – When The Wind Is Tossing The Amaryllis

Play for me
unremittingly, leave me a tender moment in a tea cup
a stolen kiss,
a backward glance and I will pledge my heart
my soul,
my undying allegiance and love to you
many an autumn has witnessed the passing of decades
the swirling of smoke,
and broken hopes lying debilitated upon the ground
like a pile of ash,
go on
tell me what you were just about to ask
above the sky
reeks of desolation and dismay,
yet these verses of mine hold hands with resilience
and joy,
what’s the cause of this bravery
my writing does not say,
play for me when the wind is tossing the amaryllis,
when moon refuses to settle
and is bleeding sliver,
I have seen you during the darkest hour,
in times of sorrow,
and in times of disassociation with the mind,
how you blend with the notes of the piano
for feelings
might not always be reachable,
I am rain oblivious to the impression I give,
an echo
bursting into the shades of urban life,
play for me
because no matter how diverse the melody you and I’ll always
in chorus.


Photo credits: Ian Dooley, Unsplash

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