Outside The Sky’s Etched In Wild Colours

Like the color yellow
indulge in the soft rays of twilight,
embrace healing,
breathe in the honey scent of double-early tulips,
sit back and relax
cradle a coffee mug,
return to the glossy pages of a magazine
we have managed to reach the end of April
and the mind
as we know it is completely saturated,
rewind, reboot, recharge
savour the taste of brown butter pecan bourbon ice-cream,
the melody
of a Poet’s muse is similar to an Artist’s brush stroke,
to the flickering fate of fireflies,
inhale every detail of your surroundings, the atmosphere
and before you know it,
a poem will emerge sweet as consummating souls
kissing passionately,
I have learned with time that in order to write on diligently,
one must learn to remove all trace of doubt,
trust their instinct and simply let go.


Photo credits: Ben Kolde, Unsplash

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads